Children of the Dark

Some books are not for everyone.

But some books are exceptional in their sub-genre.

Children of the Dark is one of those books. to go about explaining myself...

If youíre familiar with Richard Laymonís body of work and you like it, Children of the Dark is a novel you do not want to pass by because it is one of the best ďout thereĒ novels Iíve read in what I can only refer to as the ďLaymon sub-genre.Ē

How would ordinary people react in an abnormal situation? And how abnormal can a situation become? These are two questions youíre going to have to ask yourself when reading Children of the Dark.

I so want to include a mini-spoiler here, but Iím holding back because I want you to read this book if youíre a Laymon fan or a fan of splatterpunk fiction.

Did I like it? No, I didnít. I donít like books with characters who donít act like I would act in the same situation. I donít like a lot of Laymonís books for the same reason. Nobody acts like Richard Laymonís characters act.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. Why? Because the characters donít act like I would act in the same situation.

Does this make sense? Dunno. Makes sense to me.

How would you act if a guy you know turned into a subterranean creature while you were in a jail cell and you couldnít get the deputy to look at him despite your screaming ďLook at him!!Ē? (Okay--mini spoiler).

When you go this far ďout thereĒ in a novel, like Jonathan Janz did in Children of the Dark youíre looking at two options: people are going to love it or people are going to hate it.

Iím the third option.

I think you should read it whether I liked it or not and THATíS the reason for the 3 stars.

If you can put yourself in the mindset of the completely unbelievable situations the characters find themselves in, youíll have a glorious ride. If you canít, youíll hate it.

I straddled the fence. Sometimes I could do it; other times I was saying, ďOh, címon, man...Ē

Iím being as honest as I can be here.

I do not know what I think about this book.

But I think itís well worth a read.